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Source analysis (Individual Assignment)

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Locate a digital source that is related to you (or your group’s) general research aims. I will allow a generous leeway in terms of how much the source relates to your final topic, so even a source that is indirectly related is acceptable for now. Remember, although researches start off with a topic of interest, they nearly always end up changing their questions.

This exercise is designed to (a) get you thinking critically about an digital source and (b) what are the possibilities and problems of using that source to illuminate your possible research interests. If in the process of doing your source analysis you realize that your research interest might need significant reworking, that is okay. I expect everyone’s topics to change over the course of the semester. The aim of this exercise is to teach you to think about how to approach any digital source.

In a 1-2 page response, answer (when applicable) the following questions…

Proposal and Bibliography (Group Assignment)

Next, I need a short proposal, telling me more about what each group intends to do for their project. This will help me guide you in developing your project.

Final Pilot Project Template

To learn more about the final project and get the starting template by visiting the template repo